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JET Shade Systems delivers a new and unique generation of hi-tech and modern carports, patio solutions, awnings, and shading systems that are manufactured in Japan and produced to the highest standards. At JET of Texas our shade systems deliver unyielding excellence by bringing together form and function.

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We've thought of everything.

Block The Bad

The panels allow light through but block 100% of the sun’s UV and heat rays. It will keep the interior of your auto some 63 degrees cooler. Hail proof.

Lasts A Lifetime

All of our modern carports come with an integral gutter system, are leak proof, will handle wind speeds up to 95 mph, are maintenance-free, and will last a lifetime.

Modern Designs

These unique designs will enhance the beauty and value of your property while providing you with years of strong, elegant, maintenance free shelter and shade.

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